Leap Gaming launches new overhead camera that monitors player and dealer behaviour

Leap Gaming launches new overhead camera that monitors player and dealer behaviour

Leap Gaming has announced the launch of a new overhead camera system that will monitor the behaviour of both players and dealers in real-time. The aim of the system is to help prevent collusion and cheating in land-based casinos.

The new system comprises of two overhead cameras, one positioned above each table, which constantly record the actions of all players and dealers. These recordings are then analysed by a team of experts who look for any suspicious behaviour that could indicate collusion or cheating.

In addition to monitoring player and dealer behaviour, the new system also monitors table activity, including betting patterns and hand movements. This information is used to create a ‘heatmap’ that highlights any abnormal activity that could indicate possible collusion or cheating.

“The launch of our new overhead camera system is another step forward in our mission to protect casinos against collusion and cheating,” said Leap Gaming CEO, Eitan Beth-Halachmy. “The system provides casinos with an additional layer of security that helps ensure the integrity of their games.”

Leap Gaming is already well known for its pioneering work in anti-collusion technology. The company’s suite of products includes software that analyses player and dealer behaviour, as well as table activity, in order to identify any suspicious activity.

Leap Gaming announces new overhead camera to improve casino security

Las Vegas. Jan 5, 2019. Leap Gaming has announced it is releasing a new overhead camera system aimed at improving casino security. The new system, which will be available later this year, is designed to allow security personnel to keep a close eye on the casino floor from above, allowing them to quickly respond to any incidents that may occur.

The overhead camera system has already been trialed in several casinos around the world, and has proven to be a success, according to Leap Gaming CEO Alan Becker. “The ability to have a birds-eye view of the casino floor has already helped security personnel to address several potential incidents more quickly and effectively,” said Becker.

In addition to improving security, the overhead camera system can also be used for marketing and other strategic purposes, added Becker. “Casinos can use the footage from the cameras to create marketing videos or even live streams that show what’s happening on the casino floor,” he said. “This can help attract new customers and boost business.”

Leap Gaming is one of the world’s leading suppliers of casino security technology, providing solutions to some of the biggest casinos in the world. The company was founded in 2007 by Alan Becker and is headquartered in Las Vegas.

Leap Gaming unveils new overhead camera for better player and dealer behavior monitoring

Leap Gaming, a well-known developer and provider of omni-channel gaming solutions, has announced the launch of its new overhead camera – designed to improve player and dealer behavior monitoring.

The new camera has been implemented as part of Leap Gaming’s flagship Casino product and is already live in a number of leading regulated markets. It provides a clear view of all table games and players, allowing operators to quickly identify any potential issues.

Behavior monitoring is an essential part of any responsible gaming program, as it helps to identify and address any undesirable behaviors before they become a problem. The new overhead camera makes this process much easier and more efficient, allowing operators to detect issues with greater accuracy and speed.

Commenting on the launch, Leap Gaming CEO Itai Frieberger said: “We are very excited about the launch of our new overhead camera. It enhances our existing suite of player behavior monitoring tools, providing operators with a powerful tool for identifying and addressing any issues that may arise.”

He added: “This is another important step in our mission to provide the highest quality gaming products and services to our customers. We are committed to helping our partners operate their businesses in a responsible manner, and the new overhead camera will play a key role in achieving this goal.”

Leap Gaming launches latest overhead camera for casino operations

Las Vegas, Nevada - Leap Gaming has announced the launch of their latest overhead camera for casino operations. The new camera is designed to provide a more immersive gaming experience for players, and improve efficiency for casino staff.

“The new Leap Gaming overhead camera offers the most realistic and engaging gaming experience available today,” said company CEO, Royce Leatherman. “Its robust features and ease of use make it an ideal tool for casinos looking to improve their customer offering.”

The overhead camera is mounted on a motorized pan/tilt system that provides a 360-degree view of the gaming area. It features a high-resolution video feed and 20x zoom capability, allowing operators to get up close and personal with the action. The camera can also be used to monitor activity in other areas of the casino, such as the cashier cages and gaming floor.

Leap Gaming’s overhead camera has proven popular with operators around the world, with deployments in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.

New leap gaming overhead camera improves casino security by monitoring player and dealer behavior


Leap Gaming, a leading developer of casino gaming software, has unveiled a new overhead security camera system that monitors player and dealer behavior in real-time. The system is designed to improve casino security by detecting and preventing cheating and other criminal activity.

How the Camera Works

The new security camera system is based on Leap Gaming’s award-winning “Leapshot” gaming camera, which is currently used in more than 100 casinos around the world. The Leapshot camera hangs from the ceiling over the casino table and captures video of the players and dealers. This video is then analyzed by sophisticated software algorithms to detect any suspicious behavior.

Benefits of the Camera

The new security camera system has already proven to be very effective in preventing cheating and other criminal activity. In one recent case, the camera detected a dealer who was deliberately mispaying players. The dealer was apprehended and subsequently fired.

The security camera also helps to identify problem players who may be developing gambling addictions. This information can then be used by casino staff to provide assistance and prevent further problems.

The security camera is also very beneficial for training purposes. Security personnel can use the video footage captured by the camera to help identify any potential security threats. Casino staff can also use the footage to learn how to properly deal with players and dealers.


The new Leap Gaming overhead security camera system is proving to be a valuable tool for improving casino security. The camera is able to detect cheating and other criminal activity in real-time, which helps to protect casinos and their customers. The camera is also beneficial for training purposes, as it helps identify potential security threats and teaches casino staff how to properly deal with players and dealers